Get all childs of parent page in one twig template of parent's child


I have generally no idea how I can get child pages from one child page under the same parent page via twig?

For example I have a box page inside another page. And for example I want to get information from other boxes in this page and want to display it in that box.

I know there is a way with the find function where I have to put in the exact path, but I’m looking for a general solution without any direct path. Therefore I want to get the parent of this child and then a collection of all childes of this parent.

How can I do that in twig?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Red77, if I am following correctly you want a method to get the children of a parent page which is a child? I’ve done a page collection of getting the children of a parent page in my bootstrap4 open matter theme for “Sections” type pages (, which might be part of what you are looking for.

Here is the docs about page collections:

Hope the above is of help.