How to exclude pages from sitemap?

I’m using the sitemap plugin and it’s working very well. But I want to exclude two pages from the sitemap, as they are not shown in the menu and are used for some special cases that should not be visible to any search engine.
In the sitemap plugin I did not find any config option for that and in the code I only saw that pages with routable: false are excluded automatically. But if I set the page to routable: false, the page is also not visible anymore…

Is there any possibility to exclude pages from the sitemap with this plugin?


Currently sitemap doesn’t have any capability to exclude any pages. If you add an issue on the SiteMap repo on GitHub. I’ll see if I can add that capability when i get a moment. :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:

Sorted in version 1.3.0 of sitemap plugin. Just see the ignores option in the sitemap.yaml file.

Thank you very much! That was fast :smiley: