How to enlarge navbar


I’m begining a bit with Grav and would like to setup a simple search box in the navigation bar on top of grav theme antimatter.
I have managed to do that, but as you see in the screenshot :

The search box exceeds in term of width the navigation bar and I would like to expand the navbar width to be a bit more pleaseant to see.

I have not managed to find how to do that, and I searched a lot.

I would be glad to have any help on this matter.

thanks for reading.

I think you will have to apply some CSS magic to achieve what you want :wink:
as a first step, use the ‘inspect’ Function of your browser (on Windoze, hit F12) and see which Id and/or class your searchbar has.
then you can fiddle with CSS attributes like ‘width’ etc. until it looks like you want.
Next step is to incorporate what you found working for you in your Theme’s CSS file(s).
you can find more on CSS here

Thanks, I managed to find out the right things to edit thanks to your tips : )

ok, fine to see it worked, you’re welcome :smile: