Creating Search box in Main Menu

Hello. I am very new to GRAV and its inner workings. I’ve built a very basic site and have added the Simple Search plugin. I’d like to add a search box in the header/end of my main menu items. I can’t for the life of me find any easy to follow guidance.

Please provide the exact code and where exactly to put it. Thanks very much in advance.

Did you check Simple Search plugin docs?

I did but I did not find the instructions clear enough.

“After installing the SimpleSearch plugin, you can add a simple searchbox to your site by including the provided twig template. Or copy it from the plugin to your theme and customize it as you please:”

Where exactly would I put this line of code to have a search box show up in my main menu?

{% include ‘partials/simplesearch_searchbox.html.twig’ %}

Thanks so much for responding!

It totally depends on a theme you use.

@skq, What @Karmalakas meant to say is something like…

If I knew your theme’s templates I might be able to tell, but since I don’t know I’ll give a sample using Quark:

  • Open file /user/themes/quark/templates/partials/base.html.twig, add a newline after line 53 and insert the following:

    {% include 'partials/simplesearch_searchbox.html.twig' %}
  • Open file /user/themes/quark/css/custom.css and add:

    .dropmenu.animated {
      display: flex;

    This is needed to inline the navbar and the searchbox.

  • Open de home page of the site and you should see something like:

  • When entering a search term and hitting <return>, the results will be shown on page https://yourdomain/search

Of course, this is just a rough example to get you going.

Please note: You need an inheriting theme for this. Because when Quark gets a new version, your changes will be lost. An inheriting theme (aka child theme) is your own and will not be updated.

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I have not yet used this plugin, but as an aside you got me curious why this was necessary. I took a look and it seems you’ve simplified some horribly complex logic.

@pamtbaau thanks very much for responding. I do in fact have Quark as my theme. I tried your instructions. It sort of worked. In the attached screenshot you can see that a search box shows up at the bottom of each menu dropdown and a small nondescript box at the right end of the main menu items. I can type text in both boxes and get search results in mydomain/search

@skq, Unfortunately, I can reproduce the issue… It’s because the searchbox was added to macros.html.twig which is repeated for every child page.

When creating the previous solution inside the macro I noticed that the searchbox’s “route” wasn’t working properly. The result url was constructed improperly. That’s why the fix was required.

I’ve now placed the searchbox in /quark/templates/partials/base.html.twig. However, some css is now needed to inline the navbar and the searchbox.

I’ve update my previous reply which should now be simpler.

@hughbris, The simplified logic was needed because the searchbox seems to behave differently when placed inside a macro…

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@pamtbaau thanks very much! I will give it a try. Yes, I was wondering if I would need to create a new theme.