Display modular site as "normal site" (show links from the other pages)


I’m currently building a site where there are five pages and one of them is modular. Now, if I open the site, I can see all five pages as menu links. If I open the second page, there still are all five menu links. But if I open the modular page, I’m not able to navigate to one of the other four pages, only to the modules on the page. I think it’s supposed to be like this, but how can I change this? I’d like to have access to all pages from every page.

Thank you in advance!

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Could you tell us the theme you’re using ?
That would help.


yes, of course. I’m using a custom theme based on Antimatter (with additional modules and some different scss).

Found the solution here: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-admin/issues/421