How to delete tag

I have similar tags, for example: Drones and drones. How can I delete one of them, because the cms show them like different taxonomy

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I guess you don’t really want to delete a tag, but just consolidate, in your Example, convert ‘drones’ to ‘Drones’ or vice versa, right ?.
In that case, you can use a text Editor which can replace strings in files, recursively.
or, if your development PC runs linux, you can use sed:

find . -type f -name "*.md" -exec sed -i 's/\- drones/\- Drones/' {} \+

hint: omit the option -i for sed for a first run, so you can see what will be changed

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This is an interesting issue I have not encountered before. Are you seeing the duplicate versions of the tag (“drones/Drones”) in Admin or using a code editor?

Do you have any idea how the two forms of the tag got in there?

I thought Grav tags were case-insensitive. I must be mistaken.

I’m just saying I’d be interested to hear more details about this problem. Could be a bug.

Taxonomies are case-sensitive.

Have a look at the code that adds taxonomy/values to the taxonomy_tree when looping through all pages: Taxonomy::addTaxonomy() lines 59-86

The taxonomy tree has the following structure: [taxonomy_type][taxonomy_value][page_path]
For example:


Case insensitivity has been requested before, but didn’t get much follow up: Make URL Taxonomy Filter Case Insensitive? #2285

If one wants to fix mixed cases of the same taxonomy value, the script proposed by @hoernerfranz might come handy.

If one wants to prevent mixed cases being entered in Admin, one can create a plugin, catch the Admin “save” task and convert the taxonomies available in the header of the page into the preferred case.

Anyone interested in creating a TaxonomyCaseGuard plugin? The plugin might implement as a bonus a CLI command performing a search/replace to fix existing mixed cases.

correct, I see them in admin panel, in taxanomies section

Yes, if it is possible convert ‘drones’ to ‘Drones’ or vice versa. But I am a Windows (

well, for windows I can recommend Visual Studio Code, which can replace strings recursively in a file tree.

Thanks, but to me it sounded like: if you can’t swim, jump in the water :slight_smile: Maybe can someone make a short guide on how and what to do? Please :pray:

oh, well, here is a short recipe:

  • install VS Code on your computer
  • if you don’t have a local copy of your blog pages, create a backup in your grav admin panel
  • download and unpack this backup
  • open the folder user/pages in VS Code
  • do a search/replace in files, choose case sensitive
  • upload the changed files to your web server

done :smile:

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OK, here is a proof of concept for the plugin I suggested.

What can it do:

  • CLI
    • $ bin/plugin taxonomy-case-guard set-case --case capitalize # one of capitalize|uppercase|lowercase
      This command will loop through all pages and will replace each and every taxonomy value to the preferred case.
    • $ bin/plugin taxonomy-case-guard replace --search --replace Blog
      This command will search for pages with taxonomy and will replace the value with Blog
  • Admin
    • When saving a page, the taxonomy values in the header will first be converted to the preferred case (as set in config file).

After any update, the taxonomy values will be dedupped.

Here is the repo: GitHub - pamtbaau/grav-plugin-taxonomy-case-guard


  • Will it have bugs? Sure, it is a proof of concept…
  • Test it before using it on a production server.
  • I will not add the plugin to GPM myself, but be my guest to fork and submit it.
  • I will not provide any further support on the plugin, no fixes, not feature requests, no …

This option helped me: find and replace via VS Code. Unfortunately, the plugin from the pamtbaau did not help me, because diamonds appeared in Cyrillic instead of letters. But I think this plugin from the pamtbaau will be helpful to others. Thank you all for your help! Have a good weekend for all! :wink: