How to change the dark effect that Lightslider plugin creates on the images


I got into the trouble to change the dark effect that Lightslider creates on the images. I saw this Archived thread, that was never responded:

So I respond it here:
1.- Do not touch the generated images, you will lose your changes after Clearing the Cache, all its images are erased and regenerated.

2.- Go to the page: Slider Content

3.- Set Expert mode
In Frontmatter find:
type_text_brightness: -100
You will get the images as they naturally are if you change it to:
type_text_brightness: 0

4.- If you want to add contrast to your text go to the file:
And change line No. 4 according to your image contrast:
.grav-lightslider h1, .grav-lightslider h2, .grav-lightslider h3, .grav-lightslider h4 { color:darkblue; text-shadow: 2px 2px 5px lightgray;}

In my case was ok with dark color over a light shadow:
color:darkblue; text-shadow: 2px 2px 5px lightgray

5.- The nice feature of the Grav Admin module is that the Lightslide plugin variables can be configured, in the menu option: Plugin > LightSlider in this case the option is Type Text Brightness and is 0 by default, but the page Slider Content had -100 in the Frontmatter creating the dark effect.

Hope this can help.