How to build a configurator

I’m trying to build a configurator for a product. It’s not very complicated and it doesn’t need to show a change to a preview image every time an option is checked. I need to have some sort of step by step selection of the pieces that will make up the final product. Then maybe have a print/pdf option and send by email, but nothing to save the configuration on the server, so I don’t need a database o
data manager for that. I’m not gonna save cookies or anything like that.

I’m not too sure what’s the best way to do that or if I could use a handy plugin.
I was thinking to have all of the products and relative options as modular pages so they can be easily edited on the admin. Should I use the form plugin to create the various selections as form inputs? Then do I need javascript to handle the client side selection and go on to the other steps?

Please let me know your thoughts on this.
Have a nice day and happy coding.