Documentation for Plugin understanding/creation?

Hi guys!

Loving GRAV so far. My startup’s new website is made with it. I only have a little problem: Plugins.

The ones already created seem to be kind of a pain in the butt. Specially since there are NO documentation for most of the plugins, for example the form plugin. I’m having a hard time understanding how it works, that I’m just did a normal html form.

Anyway, to the question. Does anyone have some kind of documentation for the form plugin and/or is there a plan for a more extended documentation for plugins?

The form plugin is one of the “core” plugins based on it’s high use.

Some documentation can be found on the learn site.

I tried to follow the tutorial of contact form and it doesn’t work at all. It just refresh the page when I hut submit. You have any idea what could be happening?

Make sure you defined some processing in the form.process section. Paste the form definition (with triple backticks so it’s properly formatted) here so we can give a hint.