How to add a modular home page to Future 2021 theme?

I like the demo of Future 2021. When I install this theme over a blog enabled skeleton (like Quark) I get a list of blog items. I would like to be able to set the main page (Home) up as a modular page and then use the modules that are available. I have tried several things but I cannot seem to get it right. Here is the repo for that theme.

@bjaz, Your question does not contain much information for us to get a clear picture of:

  • what you are trying to achieve,
  • what your current page tree (/user/pages/*) looks like,
  • what you’ve tried and which problems you’ve encountered…

Please update your post and provide us some more helpful info.

@bjaz, Have you tried copying the content of the demo page from the home page, included on GitHub?
From there, you can make the modifications you need.
However, as @pamtbaau rightly says, it would be good if you specified more what you want to achieve and what you have done so far.

Thank you both @pmoreno and @pamtbaau. Get the content from the repo. What a great idea, I might have thought of that someday :thinking: - thanks @pmoreno.

So sorry @pamtbaau - I know you try your best with what little gets posted. I was not thinking very clearly the night I posted (evidence 5 days in bed sick beginning the next day).

I seem to have it looking the way I would like.



I seem to have it looking the way I would like.

If this means you have solved the issue, you may mark the post as being solved.