How to add a external heldesk form to my grav support page

Hello here,

Sorry for this dumb question, but I would like to add a section in my grav support page that my visitor can add a support request right from the support page.

here is the code that I need to add in my grav page, I’m using the helium theme 5.4.26 with grav 1.5.8. My heldesk software is on a redmine server.

   <div id="helpdesk_widget"></div>
   <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    color: '#af1287',
    translation: {
      nameLabel: 'Please enter your name here',
      emailLabel: 'Please put your email here',
      descriptionLabel: 'What question do you have?',
      createButtonLabel: 'Ask quesiton',
      createSuccessDescription: 'Thank you for your question!',
      createErrorLabel: 'Something goes wrong :(...',
      subjectLabel: 'Subject',
      createSuccessLabel: 'Your question successfully created'
    identify: {
      nameValue: 'User',
      emailValue: '',
      subjectValue: 'This is my question',
      trackerValue: 'Bug',
      projectValue: 'Support',
      customFieldValues: {
        'test': 'Field value'
    attachment: false,
    title: 'How can we help you?'

I have look at grav documentation and saw that I need to do something like this

{% do assets.addJs(‘’) %}

But I dont see the widget form.

I see on my helpdesk server that my browser come to get the widget.js file.

So the only pending task would be to find a way to display my form in the grav page

Thanks for any help on this.