Add authors / contributors to my website

From what I’ve been reading, there are only 3 permissions? I need other bloggers to be able to register accounts to my site and submit articles/posts. Is there no way to create accounts that have posting permissions without giving them full admin permissions? I’m looking for something like Author or Contributor on Wordpress.

I found the admin.pages feature, but I don’t want users to be able to edit all pages, only submit new pages/posts that are pending for moderation.

As replied in the other thread, Admin currently has no concept of allowing a person create and edit its own pages only. Looks like a good ACL level to have to me, can you open an issue to be discussed?

I think I just assumed this was such a basic feature (that you wouldn’t want other authors having permissions to delete every page of a site) that I wasted an entire afternoon searching for it. Open an issue on the Github Grav page?


Alright, done:

@nat47 please reopen the issue on the admin plugin repo: