How do I get the data from custom "Add Post" modal configured through admin

I am following the very short example here where the documentation describes how to create an “Add Post” button that make adding a new blog post a little more streamlined for the end user. As soon as the user enters the blog post title then it loads a new page based on the blueprint / template you specified.

Once the user is on this page I want to pre-populate the blog title text field using the value the user entered in the modal before. Is this possible?

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Hi @Sockfuzz, here is a previous post (with examples) that should help: Add a custom page creation modal for MODULAR type page

Let me know here if you need any more info etc.

Thank you for your response @paulhibbitts.

Can you tell me where I should be looking to see the example I need to answer my question? I followed the link you provided and read through your answer on that thread but I didn’t see any example of how to take the title from the modal and use that to pre-populate a field in the page blueprint.

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I am not sure you could quite do that myself, but was hoping the example might lead you in a possible direction etc. I think what you are looking for might require a pretty simple plugin or theme PHP function but perhaps someone more of a developer here might share their thoughts🙂