Hmm...I wonder what the Grav team has been up to?

Can’t wait to see all the goodies coming down the 'pike!

We definitely have some cool things in development:

GPM - Grav Package Manager - This has been developed to work from both the CLI console as well as from the admin we have in development. It allows you to look for available packages to install, then install them individually or in a batch. Also you can upgrade your existing packages. Very full featured!

Mult-Config - This originated as the ability to have different configs for different environments but sort of morphed into the ability to control and configure all the bits of Grav. It’s going to allow lots of flexibility.

Admin - As outlined in other threads, twitter, etc, we are working on a very cool new Admin panel plugin as well as an even more expanded Pro panel that will be nothing like you’ve seen in a flat file CMS before.

Multi-Language - We have not started development of this yet, but have already discussed how this much-requested feature can be implemented.

Haha, it didn’t take long for the infamous RT thread title to appear here :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy, these features look good, I’m especially excited for the GPM (I love and use Composer).

Also just in case anyone missed it… here is the link to the roadmap:

From the Roadmap is looks like Multi-Config is for v1, and GPM and the Admin for v1.1. Is that still right?

For a moment I think first coming GPM then Multi-Config then Admin plugin, you can see the branch in the github account to see the status of GPM and Multi-Config. Admin for a moment not released because first develop the PRO version then create a fork for Free version.

How can I tell the status of a brach on GitHub? I see the branch and it’s commit state, but not the % complete.

I think we not have possible to say this, the GPM I read it’s a good point, have all methods I can thinking, btw we need to waiting the Devs Team reply :confused:

There is not complete status, it’s just a repository. We use GitFlow workflow so when a particular feature is complete it will be merged into the develop branch. When we release that develop branch will me merged into the master branch.