HELP - In Place Upgrade on remote host fails

I am upgrading from the Admin panel. There is a button that encourages me to upgrade and when I press it I get a message that files are being downloaded. After a while I will get a timeout message. I suspect that it has something to do with the host. The error message I get is this:

Idle timeout reached for “”.

I searched the open issues on the Grav github. I also checked for similar issues on the forum. There were a couple that seemed similar, but were not the same.

I will probably just try to manually upgrade. Just curious if this was an easy fix?


This has been a really annoying problem. I need some ideas.

I was able to get terminal access to my host and I can run gpm. But even when trying to execute a selfupgrade from the terminal with a timeout of 5000 I am still getting a timeout error access the files on the github repository.

I thought I would copy the whole site locally to my PC and run it under WAMP and then upgrade it there and then copy it back up to the remote host. I made a backup and downloaded it. Then spun up a virtual site in WAMP with that backup. I am getting an error I cannot track down (My goodness - the error line in the log is like 22000 characters long!) - this is the error message I am getting: 0 - Unsupported operand types: null - Grav\Common\Page\Media

I am getting frustrated now.

Can I manually copy the sources from the github repository and then do a selfupgrade pointing to them locally? I did not see where gpm supports that.

Looking for some ideas. Thanks

I uninstalled WAMP and installed PHP 8.2.x (from choco) as well as the symphony-cli tools. I made a manual copy of my website - zipping the entire thing and copying it to my local machine. Launching it with bin/grav server results in the same error. I am not sure what is going on. I would like to attach the log file, but cannot see how to do that.

This has been a frustrating day. No fault of the Grav team. I have upgraded my site by comparing changes in directories and copying the updated directories to the target. Painful!