HELP! I can no longer use admin login after disabling accidentally the "Admin Plugin"

I accidentally disabled the “Admin panel” plugin and now I can no longer access the backend of the website. I tried the solution provided in this post, but without success. I have access to the websites files through Plesk: any solution?

Grav is updated to 1.7.43 and Admin panel to 1.10.43

Thanks in advance

@maria, There might be several admin.yaml files in your site:

  1. /user/env/yourdomain/config/plugins/admin.yaml
  2. /user/yourdomain/config/plugins/admin.yaml
  3. /user/config/plugins/admin.yaml
  4. /user/plugins/admin/admin.yaml

Check these locations top-down and edit the first you find.

It’s unlikely that location 4. has changed, since you’ve disabled Admin though its UI.

The responsible was in /user/yourdomain/config/plugins/admin.yaml which was set to “false”
Actually I checked only the number 3 and 4 of your list, and they were enabled… hence my desperation :wink:
Once again: thank you soooo much!!


That was indeed my first guess…

You can read about this in the docs: Environment Configuration