Have accidentally disabled login plugin

I was trying to remove the login feature from the Land.io template and now cannot access the admin backend. Error message returned is as follows:

Server Error
Sorry, something went terribly wrong!

0 - One of the required plugins is missing or not enabled

For further details please review your logs/ folder, or enable displaying of errors in your system configuration.

I have unsuccessfully searched the forum for a fix. Where do I go from here?

David S.

Check your login.yaml file into the login plugin folder’s.
You should have first line (enabled) at


Try to change it to 

Look at the line 23 too.

Thanks. I uploaded the skeleton again and can now access the admin area. I couldn’t find the login.yaml file you indicated.

David that should have been in user/config/plugins/login.yaml.

user/config/ contains all the custom configuration when you save a plugin or theme or Grav configuration through the Admin panel