Header image displayed even if not checked

I wonder why header images are displayed even if it’s not checked in page settings.

For example, with the blog site skeleton (v1.0.1) and the admin panel, when I edit the default page /admin/pages/blog/classic-modern-architecture and go to Blog Item, the option Display Header Image is not checked, but the image in the page folder is still used as a header image.

The default setting is to display… This is for backwards compatibility because that’s how it always was.

If you go into the admin and click on the “Blog Item” tab, and then enable the override, and click disabled, it will no longer display.

Thanks. I wonder, if default is to display, shouldn’t be friendlier to check this option by default, so it would be visually clear that it’s the default setting?

As it’s the case with Summary. This option is checked by default and the label Enabled is selected (green).

Actually summary is not checked/active unless you override the defaults with the a summary: setting for the page.

Really this is just a hold over from the fact that Antimatter had a hardcoded image in the original version long before there ever was an Admin. It’s not something we can easily change because it would require specific logic that is beyond the capabilities of a blueprint alone. And this functionality currently works without any specialized logic.