Hide Blog Header Image

HI all,

Is there any way we can hide the blog header image?
For some content it is good to have but for some I would like to hide it.

Hi @Jeff, what theme are you using? Are you referring to the header image shown on specific blog posts?

I am with the new build in themes. Quark I guess?
This hero image of each blog post wasn’t there when I was in antimatter.

Ok, I guess the most simple way would be to remove the hero_image: item in a posts front matter. If you are using the Admin Panel, you would just remove any file reference there and then save that page.

Posts can also have a Header image, so to turn off the display of that set header_image: to false or set the option ‘Display Header Image’ in the Admin Panel for that page (see Blog Item Options) to Disabled.

Let me know if that works for you.