Grave sites for documentation

Good afternoon)
I will not talk long compliments, I will say that I need)
I wrote a book.
I need software that would allow normally publish a book on the Internet.
In fact, this lack of software - no
There is a wonderful, free
and the like, it works
Many praised the strict
there geek
There are free for single- and how many need more? - And a very serious
There is a good, but a little pricey (if you need your own domain) -https: //
Very soon, possibly next month! - Will be stable
Free actually- good pay just excellent.
(though of course, there is always the possibility of an accident or the withdrawal of support, or firm-closing and I would prefer to have a book in my software on my server)

But I - the old subscriber Rocket, and I like unreal what looks like documentation
Beautiful, clear, accessible,)
I am enthusiastic.
Please do not do themes, their already full)
Make the opportunity to download a version of the software, based on which I could publish his book in such a way as your records !!
A good table of contents, a progress bar, track layout, beautiful appearance, search- is that waiting for my clients)
I’m doing a site on one of your templates, and would like to do the book on your software

Would just like to add:
when I look at the documentation with my phone on DELL windows phone7.8- background documentation so slow, pages scroll very slowly.
I looked through the browser USBrovser B3.2 /
Yesterday, I watched it on Android 4 too slow, but on the my computer - normally.

Please do - Grave sites for documentation
Very, very necessary
Thank U

there geek

The Grav site including the contents and the theme, and everything is all up on github:

Basically you can fork this and clone it into a basic Grav installation as the user/ folder. That will give you an exact replica of the Grav site.

It may have some CSS issues on those older mobile browsers. That has not extensively been tested, as we focus on modern design techniques, and modern browsers. However, i’m sure it’s just CSS issues, and can be easily addressed if you wish to make it friendlier for other browsers.

cool) thank you very much) I will try to do as you say))