Grav 1.4 and Admin 1.7 released

Today we’re proud to release Grav 1.4, which has been in development and testing since the start of December 2017. This release has been created to act as a stepping stone in the Grav development process to make some new features and functionality available earlier than previously planned, and allow more time for testing and refinement.


Right on. Just upgraded to 1.4 final from 1.4 beta and all is good.

I just need to chmod permission to the usually folders again. assets, backup, cache, images. etc… No biggie.

Are you updating the documentation? Can’t wait for use Content Blocks


Upgrade done !

It’s just a little bit complicated in a multi-site way for the admin plugin.

Good job !

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I’m hoping for that, too.

Hello, I am currently running Grav v1.3.10 with theme “Learn2”. My question is, if I update, will the update override my changes over Learn2 styles and js?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @NEO, to keep theme changes (when theme updates occur) you need to create an inherited theme, based off the Learn2 theme

Once you setup your inherited theme just copy over the Twig files you have already changed.

There’s a separate thread describing the problem (HTML5 audio); but it seems sensible to put a warning here that updating to this version appears to break the handling of audio media tags.

Thank you for the fast respond @paulhibbitts!

This seems to be fixed in

Thanks - I confirm that’s fixed the rendering for me.