Class 'Grav\Plugin\Form\Form' not found

I tried to pull the user- and tmp folder from my git-repo via Plesk on the server. Then I pulled all other folders and files from GRAV via FTP on the server.
When I call the website, I get the error message: Class ‘Grav\Plugin\Form\Form’ not found

I am working for a company and I do not get the rights to use gpm on the server in the moment.
I have tried to delete the plugins\form folder and pull a fresh version to the server again via FTP, but it doesn’t work. Got the same issue again. Any ideas how to fix this issue?

For all users who have the same issue: I was able to fix it.
I got the permission to use gpm on the server. After reinstalling the form plugin via gpm, everything worked fine. I think some files got lost during the filetransfer to the server. Tomorrow I will try to find out which files got missed and then I will post the solution here. Maybe it could help some users in the future.

Problem is with case sensitive volumes (
Solution is create case sensitive partition or disable ignoring case at your git config via
git config core.ignorecase false

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If, when trying to log into the backend, you get a Class ‘Grav\Plugin\Form’ not found error, sftp or ssh into the instance and navigate or cd into the /path/to/your/site/user/plugins/form/classes folder and then change the name of the form.php file to Form.php