GRAV/GPM scripts

I have installed grav (successful) and I can add pages and they are visible. However…I cannot reach the admin panel (404 Whoops error). I have exhausted the 404 troubleshooting page.

Command line bin/plugin works but bin/grav and bin/gpm do nothing…no errors. Here is the php -v:
[~/public_html]# php -v
PHP 7.0.10 (cli) (built: Aug 19 2016 11:36:23) ( NTS )
Copyright © 1997-2016 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.0.0, Copyright © 1998-2016 Zend Technologies

I am guessing this is all related. Can someone help troubleshoot what I am doing wrong?

Are there any errors in your error_log? Typically it’s in the same directory as the commands were executed from, ie the root of Grav.

there are no error logs in either the root directory or the bin directory where the scripts are located…