Grav / Gantry / Framework (nucleus / rockettheme / bootstrap)

As I slowly get in to grav, i see that gantry could be a good way forward especially in creating a core theme with reuseable code, but I only just getting to grips with grav.

I see grav was designed with nucleus css framework, then there is a few bootstrap themes, then there is gantry.

What will be the best way to learn and teach and extend … as it confusing in working out how I should set a mindset.

I want to start doing a bit of change to a menu systems, so .js and .css things ( simple add ons to the menu like, onscroll, display and hide a 2nd menu, additional module on page support whilst not being a single page site )

I would be appreciative of how I should start off on this path.

Many thanks

Antimatter uses a very old version of the Nucleus framework. It’s very minimal, almost a CSS reset, it really is not in the same league as Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. Really you are supposed to just add your own CSS on top of it to style things.

ok rhukster, thanks for your reply. How import do you see gantry in the development, do you think it will does grav justice, or I should look at a more mainstream framework. especially for someone who is only a novice and not a professional designer / programmer.

Gantry is a very sophisticated theme framework. It basically allows you to build sophisticated themes without all the ground work that a regular theme would require. It’s kind of independent of the CSS framework, you can use whichever one of those you want.

However, don’t get too tied up in the CSS framework, it’s just that a framework to build your own stuff on top. Most theme designers prefer a simple framework that provides the bare minimum so it doesn’t have the overhead of a big framework with features that you need and therefore don’t have to go to the trouble of overriding.