Are any themes using the kube css framework?

Hi, I just started messing around with Grav. Sweet CMS, good job to all the devs! I notice there are several bootstrap based themes and I might choose one because of my familiarity with that framework, but was wondering if anyone knows if there is a Kube based theme? I’m going through the demos, but it’s taking a while to check the source and figure out what frameworks they are all using.

On a side note, I’m excited to get into Grav (and out of wp!) Clean install, fast operation, little or no bloat… I was this close to making my own CMS (I always have problems with reinventing the wheel) but thanks to Grav I can focus on more important stuff.

To my knowledge there is not, but all CSS frameworks are virtually interchangeable, so you could just switch one for the other. Though really, you might as well make the theme from scratch so you can structure it as you want - or build on-top of another theme using what you need.

Thanks for the info. I don’t think I’m up to learning a new scripting language at the moment, but I did notice that the satellite theme is based on Kube, although perhaps an older version. However after messing around with the buit in theme, nucleus seems to be kind of cool too so I’ll probably stick with that for now while I get things up and running.