Grav for full beginner

hi can anybody point a tutorial , or place when i can get more info for a full grav beginner
can you install grav on any virtual host to test it , or any other method locally into your pc ,

apologize if a sound like too low level at this topics



Hi Amper,

I’m also a beginner. What I did is: I checked out the installation manual, which is perfectly well written and easy to access:

Furthermore you should take a look at the other information like markdown etc. It helped me a lot to set up my project.
Learning Markdown etc.


Hello Amper (and Mr.Hartmann),

I`m also a beginner too and no natural english Speaker. I am working with grav for one week now and i can describe my first steps, maybee it helps.

  • Working under Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with apache, standard installation:
  • download a small skeleton like clean-blog or Big Picture as a zip file
  • cd /var/www; mv html html.old; unzip; mv skeleton html
  • then setting rights like described here:
    https:// learn . getgrav . org / troubleshooting / permissions
    (only 2 links for newbies allowed in this forum, please put it together for yourself, thanx)
  • then put your browser to http://localhost ==> or http://localhost/admin
  • then playing around with admin panel and or files. Only in /user/*

A good place for learning is this too:
https:// www . tutorialspoint . com / grav/index.htm

Best wishes


hi friends
thanks very much for the tips , look to me like the forum is not very active
anyway ill try with ubuntu , ill return back with feedback about my experience afterward ,