Gpm - grav update 0.9.28 not showing

bin/gpm selfupgrade:
You are already running the latest version of Grav (v0.9.27) released on Sat May 9 21:21:19 2015

I had to delete gpm cache manually per ftp.
Update :
Preparing to upgrade to v0.9.28…
|- Downloading upgrade [1.6M]… 100%
|- Installing upgrade… ok
’- Success!
include(…vendor/symfony/console/Symfony/Component/Console/Input/Arra yInput.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
self-upgrade [-f|–force] [-y|–all-yes]

Grav caches the GPM repo information every 24 hours. Clearly all cache with:

bin/grav clear --all

Clears all cache including that cached GPM repo information.

That error is harmless:

Basically it just caused the clear-cache part not to be performed after the selfupgrade (which is really just a safety precaution, and you can run it manually fine).

The reason for the error is during this particular update, we updated some symfony components from 2.6 to 2.7. They had some changes to the locations of some files. The upgrade process just happened to use one of these files and because it had loaded the location at the start, it was different from the location when it actually went to make the call (as the new files had replaced the old).

I’ve fixed this for future versions, even if it’s unlikely to ever happen again (just a fluke really). But now i’m preloading the classes the selfupgrade method needs so it works even if the files change.