Git Sync - fatal: Couldn't find remote ref master

Developed my grav site locally via MAMP, and deployed to my hosting service. I also went through the process of creating my GitHub repo (currently empty) and using the git sync plugin wizard to establish my web hook.

When saving at the end of the git sync wizard process, I receive:

fatal: Couldn’t find remote ref master

I think this is due to an earlier attempt at setting up a repo, and now attempting to make a change to the info referenced in the git sync plugin, but I’m not sure how to move forward. I also considered removing / re-installing the git sync plugin and starting from ‘scratch’, but the plugin says the entire theme has to be removed in order to remove the plugin (or at least that’s how the responding msg reads).

Any help appreciated. I’d really like to setup a GitHub workflow for this grav website.

Hi @rscottjohnson, one thing to make sure of is that there is an initial commit in the repo before you setup Git Sync.

Hi @paulhibbitts,

Thanks for the quick reply. After making an initial commit (but not a ‘git push’) I was able to get everything working. Now I’m able to edit a page on GitHub and see it immediately reflected on my Grav site and vice versa.

Thanks again.

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