Git Sync not pulling Template and Plugins folders

EDIT: Looks like I found a fix! All I had to do was post my problem on this forum and the plugin began to work perfectly! I don’t know why, but now, when I add folders to the “folders to sync” field I’m able to push those directories to Github. Problem solved!.. I just wish I knew why it worked… :slight_smile:

I’m using Grav on a Linode Nanode, and Caprover managing all the apps.
I’ve tried two times to use the Git Sync plugin to dump my Grav sites into a Github repository. I follow all the GitSync steps and am able to pull all the files in my Pages directory, but for some reason I cannot talk Git Sync into pulling the Themes and Plugins directories. I’ve told GitSync to pull all three directories during the setup wizard, and I’ve added them to the “folders to sync” field but nothing seems to sync.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Have you solved the problem? If you haven’t, do you have a gitignore file which ignores the folders of theme and plugin?