Getting Error on Subpages

Hello Guy,

I’ve recently moved my Domain to a new Owner using the same host and domain provider.

After the move, I realized the Main frontpage is working perfectly fine. However, all the subpages are not working. I’m getting to this page:

My domain provider told me I need to edit the .htaccess.txt file in order to solve that issue. I went inside the file, but honestly I have no idea what to do next.

Can someone please help me? The grav theme works with PHP 7.2 and apache 2. Does anyone of you know what to do here?

Thank you very much!

Here’s a screenshot of the .htaccess file. I have no idea what to do

In your screenshot it says to uncomment out the RewriteBase / line so I would suggest trying that option first.

Also there are some further tips on the 500 error and editing the htaccess file in general on the Grav learn site.

These issues can be tricky to resolve because they are often host specific issues causing them but hopefully some of those options will work.