Combining results from 2 or more taxonomy terms

Is it possible to show all blog items on the blog page with taxonomy tag1 AND/OR taxonomy tag2. If so, how?
Right now a URL like http:some.domain/Category:tag1,tag2 does not work and shows an empty page. http:some.domain/Category:tag1 does work.

Hello @TonHaarmans Did you check the documentation? There is some examples with the use of various taxonomies, for a single page, you can define several taxonomies in the frontmatter of a particular page:

Hope this helps

Thanks, yes I saw that, but that doesn’t help me. I know I can give multiple tags to a blog item. What I need is to show multiple items with separate tags. For instance one item has the tag [apple]. another one has the tag [pear]. Now, when i choose from a taxonomy cloud apple as well as pear I need both items to show up.