Get page object for modular page from PHP

I’m working on a plugin that dynamically adds some form inputs and form data to existing forms. These forms could also be on modular pages. I need to read the header data (frontmatter) of the pages that include the relevant form (or forms). Doing it this way works if the form is included in a regular page:

public function onFormInitialized(Event $event) {
    $page = $this->grav['page'];
    $header = $page->header();
    /* ... */

However, if the form is included in a modular page, then the first line, $this->grav['page'] will cause the entire page to display a 404.

What’s the right way to achieve this that will work for any type of page?

I tried to get the page from the form itself:

public function onFormInitialized(Event $event) {
    $form = $event['form'];
    $page = $form->getPage();
    /* ... */

But this leads to:

Return value of Grav\Plugin\Form\Form::getPage() must implement interface Grav\Common\Page\Interfaces\PageInterface, null returned

So the search continues…

@domsson, Bit of playing with the debugger…

Let say we have a modular with a form as child module:

├── 01.home
├── ...
└── 04.modularform
    ├── _contact
    │   └──

Then in our plugin we can do the following to get the header from both the modular and its child form module.

public function onFormInitialized($event)
    /** @var Form */
    $form = $event['form'];

    /** @var Page */
    $modular = $form->getPage();
    $modularHeader = $modular->header();

    /** @var Collection */
    $collection = $modular->collection();

    /** @var Page */
    $contact = $collection->filter(fn ($module) => $module['slug'] === '_contact')->first();
    $contactHeader = $contact->header();

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I’m impressed by your knowledge of Grav and your dedication to help, pamtbaau. Thank you very much. Using the $form->getPage() approach is exactly what I tried today, but having the line in there would lead to an error, as outlined in my reply above. I take it you tried your code, however, and it worked for you?