Devtools newtheme inheritance Cannot copy non-existing folder

Hey there

I cant create a new inheritance theme with the dev tool. I always get the error “Cannot copy non-existing folder.”
If i create a blank or copy theme it works fine.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. download grav 1.4.8 (core or admin does not matter)
  2. install the devtools
  3. bin/plugin devtools newtheme
  4. enter a name, description, name and email
  5. choose inheritance
  6. choose ‘0’ (quark - default theme)

Now I get the error

PVP Version 7.1.9

does anyone have an idea where the problem could lie?

I have already used this function. So it already worked…


Found the issue…

TL;DR: Typo in folder to be copied: ‘inheritence’ must be ‘inheritance’.

DevTools is trying to copy folder /user/plugins/devtools/components/theme/inheritance, but folder is actually named /user/plugins/devtools/components/theme/inheritence

Error is thown in Folder.php line 288:

if (!is_dir($source)) {
    throw new \RuntimeException('Cannot copy non-existing folder.');

I have logged an issue. In the meantime, if you rename folder /user/plugins/devtools/components/theme/inheritence to /user/plugins/devtools/components/theme/inheritance it will work.

@Thoomyy Fixed in repo. Please re-install using:

$ bin/gpm install devtools

… or upgrade via Admin.

Hey pamtbaau

Thanks for help. Now it works fine :slight_smile: