Front Edit (plugin Editable) does not work

You can disable Editable on the site level in /user/config/plugins/editable/editable.yamlwith setting editable_self: false.

By using shortcodes in the “primary markdown file in the parent folder of the modular page” you can control what or which parts of a modular page will be editable in the frontend. Each shortcode gets it’s content from, let’s name it, a ‘source page’ that you specify in the shortcode.

These source pages should (thus) be normal pages where the page content is delivered directly by Twig. This means the template used for that source page should simply insert the page content with {{ content }}.

Currently Editable only supports shortcodes when the editor in use is ContentTools. In theory shortcodes could also work with the markdown editor SimpleMDE. The reason I choose not to support it is the way the user interface will look. Having multiple editable regions on a single page is one of the design principl es of ContentTools and this (thus) works very well. All regions share the same tool button panel.
With SimpleMDE, each region will get it’s own toolbar at the top of that region making a very fuzzy interface.

It’s not my intention, and beyond my capabilities, to create the definitive and perfect frontend editor plus user interface for Grav which will be well designed, easy to use and supports the various use cases we discussed here. I wish I could :slight_smile:
My aim was and is to bring frontend editing to Grav or rather give developers a head start or starting point to bring it further.

Thanks for the detailed answer.
The shortcodes might indeed be the solution.
But I am struggling to get them to work.
Somehow it doesn’t process the shortcode but just print it out.
"about" is a child page of the main testing page with title “about” and in a folder called “about”.

Some Text which is not editable:

[editable name="about" /]

Bla bla bla

What am I missing?

As written before I got editing to work on a single non-modular page. But before I redesign the whole site to work with single pages I would like to try to make this work.

Of course I understand you cannot design a fully fledged frontend editor. I am already very grateful for your help. If I manage to provide some front-end editing capabilities to the site I will be able to persuade my very tech agnostic partners to go with Grav and steer them away from using Tumblr / Wix / Cargo for the new site.

Of course it is, but just to check: is the markdown with the shortcode in the content of the main testing page? Did you test the working of the Shortcode Core plugin which handles the shortcode processing before handing it over to Editable? In your markdown try for example:

This is some bb style underline and not much else

and see whether “bb style underline” is underlined.

BTW You don’t need to change the whole site to single / HTML(!) content pages, but just the ones that need to be editable in the frontend in full or in part.

Steering in the direction of Grav is always a good thing :slight_smile:

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