Editable with SimpleMDE Plugin update

This is an announcement of and a request to test a new version of the Editable with SimpleMDE Plugin before releasing it.

The plugin now supports edits by backend (Admin) users which, if desired, removes the need for a separate frontend login.
Another enhancement is that pages can be configured to be edited by named users or groups only. This allows for a multi user website where users can edit their own page(s) in the frontend.

The test version 1.0 is available as a separate branch named “editable-by” on GitHub.

Please let me know your findings by replying to this post or by creating an issue within that branch. Thank you.


Assuming that no news is good news, I’ve created a new release (v1.1.0) which includes the multi user editing support as mentioned above.

As a bonus code syntax highlighting in preview mode while editing is supported when using the Grav Highlight Plugin.

Enjoy !

thx a lot for this plugin
which safed my day as it is the practicable workaround for missing ACL group/ user permissions for editing on page-level.
thus i can leave out the yaml:
access: admin: pages: true
which would allow for a user/ group to edit all pages. (found that i in fact even have to avoid double editing in front- and backend, otherwise the frontend editing is disabled by “merged: null”)
instead it is now possible to allow editing on per-page basis.
i think the users will love its friendlyness & simplicity!