Form Created Gives duplicate footer and menu not working

I am using the onepage-site v2.0 skeleton. I have created a modular form at the bottom of the page. The form works and sends out emails and saves to folder I have designated. The problem is that the menu links aren’t clickable any more. The grav logo ghosts another image when scrolling down and at the bottom, there are two footers.

Grav was with by Trilby Media.

Grav was with by Trilby Media.

Folder structure is like so:
01._home —
03._myform — and /thankyou

If I rename 03._myform to old_03._myform and not use it, all the above issues are gone. I think it has something to do with the way the “modular” form is setup except its looking at it as a new page within a page hence the 2 footers and the overlying menu that doesn’t work. I have also already tried setting onpage_menu:false.

Any ideas?