Form - Array To String Conversion Error


Playing around trying to get a form running within my Grav setup, but I’m getting an error (there is info and some solutions on the forum but the coding side is a little past my understanding/capability).

The page is at:

The issue is something to do with the pulldown element - if I omit this from the form, everything works as intended and I get to my makeshift Thank You page. I can’t think of another way to exercise these options on the form (other than checkboxes but can only have the user be able to select one, not multiple) so it’d be nice to try and get to the bottom of why the pulldown selection is causing this error.

Many thanks.

Please share the Twig-template that throws the error, as it looks when the error appears. The error is basically saying that you are trying to output the list of data directly, without looping over it.