Font size changes without reason

I use the Blog skeleton and have a markdown file with just some text like the snippet shown below. Somehow it results in two paragraphs with different fontsize. How can that happen? See snapshots below of the markdown file and the resulting website.


Antimatter theme styles the first paragraph differently. That might be it.

OK. Didn’t notice that before. Will check if it is consistent.

Noticed this two. Looks a bit odd. The first and last para’s are a different size.

Anyone know how to change this to the same size throughout?

You’ll need to recompile the SCSS though if you remove this.

This says bigger first para, yet the opposite is happening with Antimatter? Any idea why that would be? I’m finding the first and third para’s are smaller than the second, which is why it looks so odd.

check out this post which demonstrates it.