Flex-objects in sitemap and url creation

I am testing flex-objects for products and stuff like that. I have clean install of Grav 1.7.5 and default theme and default contacts directory enabled. I have created few contacts for testing purposes.

First question:
I can reach created objects by direct url (directory+id) or by clicking to menu but they are not showing in plugin sitemap. I know that there is no code regarding sitemap in contacts.yaml blueprint for that. Is it okay or something is missing? Do I need to add that functionality by myself or by future plugin version?

Second question is:
Can I change url creation for objects in directory? Default is directory_name/id:object_id viz Using Flex Objects | Grav Documentation. I am looking for something like domain.com/products/product_name (or combination of properties like manufacturer+name+EAN… etc) I know that i can manually create for each product/object speacial page with flex-objects but is there any chance to do that diffrently?

I have the same problem - I have a page called tours and can then link to each object with /tours/id:00aabd5b652b706c36cab112b407acb9 but I’m stuck on how to make URLs that make more sense.

Does anybody have any pointers?

I suppose you could have a plugin, that watches some route (eg. /tours) and it tries to find an object in it. Eg. if you navigate to /tours/some-title, then plugin would try to find an object with a slug some-title and display a page of /tours/id:xxx

Just speculating here :slight_smile: Don’t judge

I’m thinking something similar too - though because Grav Admin uses flex objects I’m guessing there’s something in the system files I could hook onto - the closest I could find is getPathFromToken in Utils.php …

My PHP is very rusty so I’ll keep fiddling unless somebody else has already resolved this…