Developing plugins that use Flex Objects

Hi, all

I’m developing a plugin to register info about company staff members using Flex Objects. With help from Google, existing threads on this forum, and a look through the code of the Admin plugin, I’ve gotten part of the way there, but have hit a wall trying to get my Flex Directory to appear as an Admin menu item.

Is there some documentation available concerning how to implement Flex Objects when developing a plugin? Or could someone point me towards existing plugins that use Flex Objects?

In Admin go to Flex Objects plugin settings and enable your directory. I don’t remember exactly the path to the config YAML, but it would be directories setting in it

Thanks very much, @Karmalakas; your reply put me on the right track. Apparently my previous search wasn’t intensive enough, because I since found this thread covering my exact problem: Flex Objects blueprints in theme or plugin.

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