Filtered pages list

I’m trying to build a site that has multiple blogs as well as standard content pages. In the admin the standard “pages” list is quickly going to become difficult to navigate if it also includes every type of page & post - even with the filter control at the top of the list.

Does anyone have a mechanism where I could add a new item to the navigation on the left which would only show content of a specific type? That way I could have a left navigation showing “Pages”, “Blogs”, “News” etc.

Thanks all!

Are you using the updated version of the Admin Plugin?

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Thanks @gnat - yes - I’m using the latest admin plugin. The problem is that there’s going to be a couple of hundred blog posts under two different pages. Over time that’s going to get really unwieldy to navigate.

What I’d like to do is have a navigation item on the left that shows only the blog posts - effectively a link that pre-selects filters from those dropdowns at the top of the pages list. Does that make sense?

Yes, it totally makes sense.

However, the list is filtered using JS and the plugin does not have a way to reach a filtered list of pages directly. You could however create custom secured pages that show you a filtered list along with relevant edit links.

You can also try asking at the Admin plugin’s Github repo Github: Grav Admin

Thanks @gnat - will give that a go :slight_smile: