Feature request: Markdown list of images to carrousel

It would be nice if there was a plugin that transformed Markdown lists of images inside an article in into image+caption carrousels, so that each carrousel in an article only displayed the first image first, with controls to navigate to subsequent images in a list one by one. That’d be great for writing tutorials as step-by-step guides, but I do not know if that is even a thing that plugins can do.

Here is one rendition of a carrousel/slideshow in a book at Inkling:

Inkling slideshow

Those thumbnails below the carrousel indicating the order position of the current image could just as well be page indicators like iOS’s (bullets) or bulleted numbers instead of thumbnails. One could potentially use either ordered or unordered lists for the plugin to produce different aesthetics.

Lightslider can do similar: http://sachinchoolur.github.io/lightslider/

We have a plugin here: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-lightslider