Expand Learn2 menu structure

Hello everybody,

I use the Learn2 theme for my website.
I have my articles organized in folders and subfolders.
But, When I click on the main folder, it expands all the subfolders and articles in it.

Is there a possibility to disable this “expand all” feature.

I mean, when I click on the main folder, it has to expand to the subfolders ony. When I click on one of the subfolders, it has to show the articles in it.

Can anybody help, please?



I’m using the theme too on https://so-wp.com/lean-wp-docs/ and my structure is that under the pages folder I have
the 5 folders for the different chapters. Then each of these sub-folders have more folders hanging under them for the different topics, like so:

If this doesn’t help, then please give URL or show screenshot.

Hi Bohan,

Wel actually, when I click on the Mail menu item, it automatically expands the whole structure and substructures…


I just want, when I click on “Mail”, the “Office 365” and “Outlook” expanded, nothing more. Then, afterwards, when I click on “Office 365”, only “Gedeelde mailboxen” and “Problemen”…

Ah okay, I understand. You have sub-sub-sub chapters, correct? I think you should be able to show/hide this with CSS?