Menu drop open all

In the Learn2 template you would like to know if you have the possibility to leave all the pages displayed in the drop down menu. Without the user having to click to open

Actually the menu items are all rendered, but it’s only with CSS that these are hidden. This is because we use the sidebar for searching and we need all the menu items available to filter.

So to answer you question you would just need to change this in the theme’s CSS:

#sidebar ul.topics ul {
    display: none;

Which is what is currently disabling the sub-level items from displaying until the parent is set to ‘.active’

did not work :confused:

I need the subitems already appear open, without having to click on the previous items. As in the picture:

My point is that code i posted is what is causing the menu items to stay closed by default… (the display: none; part)

You need to remove it, then recompile scss.

got it.

And how do I recompile?

Sorry, but I’m starting as dev :confused: