Menu in Deliver theme

Hi guys, I need your insight into the Deliver theme.

I need to turn the content of Learn2 into Deliver (since Deliver is kind of cooler looking :wink: ).

I have eleven folders in Learn2, each with a couple of (many) subpages. These are neatly displayed in the menu on the left side of the page - after clicking a topic, submenu opens etc. - as this printscreen shows.

Menu in Learn2 theme

Now with Deliver, there is this dropdown menu, which I enabled and is working fine, however, I need the listing of other subpages on each page. I. e. the content of the folder visible, as in Learn2, without the need of hovering over the dropdown.

I would like the submenu listing to appear in “SOME TEXT WIDGET” field. Is there a smart way of doing so? I have googled with no results.

Thanks in advance for you help.