Every command which needs an answer is aborted


A friend showed me what Grav could do and I instantly wanted to try it out.
But I’m already stuck with some Grav commands.

In fact, as the title says, every command which needs an answer is aborted. i don’t have time to type anything.

The selfupgrade command, for example, doesn’t work as shown in the screenshot :

I’m trying to make this work on Windows 10 using WAMP server and PHP 7.4.0 in it.
The command prompt is the Git’s one. The PHP directory is also in the PATH system variable.

Did anyone has this issue ? I didn’t find on the forum yet, maybe I don’t know the right keyword …

Thanks for any answer who could help me !

Have a great day ! :slight_smile:

I think its related to the CLI prompt… can you try by just forcing the Y with:

bin/gpm selfupgrade -y

If that works, then it’s definitely the prompt having issues on your setup for some reason.

Hi Andy, Ricardo helped me on Discord and in fact the issue was linked with this : https://github.com/symfony/symfony/issues/34535

I downloaded the last version of PHP and all went good.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: