Error when saving a page -- PageLegacyTrait::file(): Not Implemented


I have this problem when saving a page.
Failed to save entry: Grav\Framework\Flex\Pages\Traits\PageLegacyTrait::file(): Not Implemented


PHP Version 8.1.18

|System|Linux h2web231 4.9.0-0.bpo.12-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.210-1+deb9u1~deb8u1 (2020-06-09) x86_64|
| --- | --- |
|Build Date|Apr 24 2023 10:11:09|
|Build System|Linux|
|Server API|FPM/FastCGI|
|Virtual Directory Support|disabled|
|Configuration File (php.ini) Path|/opt/php8.1/lib|
|Loaded Configuration File|/opt/php8.1/lib/php.ini|
|Scan this dir for additional .ini files|/opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d|
|Additional .ini files parsed|/opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_imagick.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_mailparse.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_mcrypt.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_memcached.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_mongodb.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_oauth.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_raphf.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_ssh2.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_timezonedb.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_uploadprogress.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_yaz.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/50_zip.ini, /opt/php8.1/etc/conf.d/70_http.ini|

I didn’t get any answer

up ? :pray:

I didn’t found any solutions

Up please :confused:

Did you try creating an issue on Grav GitHub? Maybe you’ll get some attention from developers there

Yup !

One issue has been opened on Jan 26th 2023

Also posted in Gantry5 GH Issue :

Sadly, no answers