Error saving pages

Hi, I am running.
Ubuntu 20.04
Nginx & PHP 8.1.17
Grav 1.7.40
I am getting a error trying to save pages from the admin panel.

Failed to save entry: foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given

So I can not find any reference to this error in any of the servers logs, and idea where the failure is?

Hello, do you save immediately after page creation? Or do you create a page first, add content and try to save?

Hi, The error showed when trying to save a page. I installed Last night I installed then installed over it and made a few modifications and my site is working fine now. So it might be a bug in I hope this helps to explain the issue.

Well it happened again, With further investigation it turned out my nginx conf was silently blocking www-data making Grav update from the admin panel, So a fresh install of the and doing a Grav update from cli worked. below is the code that caught me out.

## Begin - Security
        # deny all direct access for these folders
        location ~* /(\.git|cache|bin|logs|backup|tests)/.*$ { return 403; }
        # deny running scripts inside core system folders
        location ~* /(system|vendor)/.*\.(txt|xml|md|html|json|yaml|yml|php|pl|py|cgi|twig|sh|bat)$ { return 403; }
        # deny running scripts inside user folder
        location ~* /user/.*\.(txt|md|json|yaml|yml|php|pl|py|cgi|twig|sh|bat)$ { return 403; }
        # deny access to specific files in the root folder
        location ~ /(LICENSE\.txt|composer\.