Error : Undefined array key "SERVER_SOFTWARE"


I just updated grav and this error is displayed on the admin page.

Undefined array key “SERVER_SOFTWARE” in /Users/desty/Sites/grav-admin/index.php on line 20

I can’t access my pages anymore.
How i can correct this ?

thank you

@latifa, You’re not sharing much,

  • OS
  • Which PHP version
  • Apache/nginx?
  • From which Grav version, to which Grav version
  • How did you upgrade? What steps have you taken?

Please help the community help you…

So to find out what you are talking about I needed to dig into the code. From that, I presume you’re using the build-in webserver?

On a fresh install of Grav 1.7.18 + Admin bundle, on Win 10/WSL/Ubuntu 20.04 the following works fine:

  • Run $ bin/grav server to start the webserver
  • Browsing to localhost:8000/ and localhost:8000/admin just works fine.
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Just learned from the github repo of Grav, that above issue was reported 12 hours ago and marked as a bug. The issue provides a temporary solution until v1.7.19 is being released.

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Thank you @pamtbaau for your help.
it worked fine, the error disappeared.

However my pages are not displayed anymore in the admin plugin, only root appears but the home page is gone.
but I can find them from the search bar by typing:

Moreover, they exist in my files and i can execute them without problem.

mac OS 10.15.7, i only use the Terminal
PHP 8.0.7
current grav version : 1.7.18
I don’t remember the old version I had

@latifa, As said, I cannot reproduce your issue using a clean install of Grav 1.7.18.

Would you mind testing a fresh install to rule out any config/theme/plugin interference?

Btw, I have no idea what localhost:8000/admin/pages/home/_gts-event is supposed to do… Could you provide a pointer to the source describing _gts_event?

i.e. do I have to do a complete installation or do I just reinstall the plugins?

gts event is just a page I created with text.

@latifa, Try:

  • $ bin/grav cache to see if that makes any difference
  • $ bin/grav yamllinter --all since yaml parsing has become more strict
  • If still having problems:
    • Create backup of your current installation!
    • Create a plain install of Grav 1.7.18 + Admin without installing anything extra.