ERROR: flex-objects.html.twig template not found for page:

My installation:
GRAV 1.7.7 with g5_hydrogen v5.4.36

My Problem:
When clicking on “Pages” in administration-environment, pages don’t appear but the message “ERROR: flex-objects.html.twig template not found for page: `` Flex Objects”.
Who can help me?

@idna, Did you install plugin flex-objects? That’s the plugin which provided template flex-objects.html.twig.

Plugin ist installed

@idna, Since I have no experience with Gantry, I have not more suggestions…

In my plugins I had to do following changes from Grav Docs to solve this problem:

Looks like array brackets are misplaced. No need for new variable actually. This should do it:

$event['paths'][] = __DIR__ . '/admin/themes/grav/templates';

Thank you or your help. Deactivating the “Content Edit”-Plugin solved the problem for me.

Seems to be a known issue since January…

See Issue at getgrav/grav and issue at Content Edit plugin.

Reminder to myself: Don’t forget to check the repos for known issues…